It wasn’t cobbler…


It was time to move on to the next adventure, so today was really more of a transition day.  We wanted to see Mount St Helens, but the closest campground was still over an hour away.  We found an RV Resort on Silver Lake, billed as the best largemouth bass fishing lake in the state.  Mark just had to go!  It was a small “park” right off the road.  Actually it was a REALLY small resort right off the road. We were disappointed at first but after driving around the area we realized we were in the best of the worst.

By the time we arrived, we were exhausted from the previous night and opted for a nap.  There was a Mount St. Helens Visitor’s Center about a mile from our campground, so we went, watched their educational video, and took a few shots of the mountain in the distance (50 miles away).  We also saw (and heard) the osprey that nested right there at the Visitor Center.  The owner of the campground recommended we grab dinner at a place down the road called Patty’s Place as they were supposed to have amazing homemade cobbler.  We were pretty excited because we hadn’t found any place that sold homemade pie or cobbler with local berries.  Unfortunately the cobbler was a little under expectations; instead of being a crumbly cobbler like you would expect, it was actually fruit filling with a piece of cake (they called it a sweet biscuit) on top.  We think they should have called them Patty Cakes instead of cobbler.  They were good, but just didn’t hit the spot for the fresh fruit pie we were looking for. We bought two to go anyway! 🙂



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