On the Road Again. . .

750_3615Today we drove 503 miles. (Mark’s happy daily maximum drive is 500 miles.) We did hit some wind, more in UT and ID than WY. Wind just makes the driving more difficult as he has to hang on to that steering wheel and attempt not to get pushed around. Class A rigs are definitely affected by windy conditions. The forecast said the wind was in the teens, but the gusts were bigger than that. We listened to a book on tape all day. It’s quite the compromise to find books that we both enjoy. Some of our favorite authors are: William Kent Krueger, Sue Henry, and James Grippando. Our very favorite book from last year was Billy Crystal’s autobiography that he read himself. When we entered the state of Idaho (after taking pictures of course), we had to pull into to the boat inspection station, where they check the canoe for “invasive species”, like zebra mussels. In CO, we have to do this inspection at each lake, apparently in Idaho you have to do it at the state port of entry right off the highway. We were able to make reservations on yesterday’s drive for Anderson Camp RV Park in Eden, ID and are very much looking forward to turning in early for a good night’s sleep with no running motors or trucks pulling in and out all around us all night long.

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  1. I hope you are taking time to rest and enjoy each other. Getting too tired can wreck havoc on your nerves. Idaho was one of the most beautiful places we lived. Love you guys Emma, Ethan and I prayed for you last night.

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