Hi, we’re Mark and Mandi!

Welcome to our first crack at a personal blog site! We have always wanted to share our travels and adventures with family and friends but have never taken the time to set something like this up. Well, I (Mark that is) decided to learn WordPress and build this site. It is a work in progress and should get better over time, I hope!

A little about us…

We met in Southern CA in 1996 and married in 1999. When we moved to Colorado Springs, CO in 2002, we took 6 weeks off from work, bought camping gear, explored 5 national parks and thus began our love of everything outdoors. After spending several seasons camping in a tent we decided we wanted to see if an RV was up our alley. We bought our first motorhome in 2009, a 24 ft Class C, and immediately headed to Canada for a couple weeks. We were hooked! We have since upgraded to a 35 ft Class A motorhome which we have enjoyed many adventures in. We both enjoy exploring new places so we try to find some place new whenever we travel. That being said, we sometimes end up in a familiar place. Mandi loves to go hiking so we get to see some amazing wilderness during our travels. We also jump on our bikes when we get a chance. I get my fishing pole out whenever I can and try my hand at fishing. While we love to travel around the USA in our motorhome, we also are big fans of cruising. We typically try to take at least one cruise each year, typically over the winter for a break from the cold!

Do we have jobs?

Yes, we both have jobs. It takes a couple bucks to travel and we are not the $50 a day travelers. That being said, Mandi is pretty good at finding deals and we travel pretty cheap! Mandi is a National Sales Manager for a Atlanta-based company. She has been with them since 2002! Since she loves to workout and stay in shape, she teaches group fitness classes, runs (including 2 marathons), and is a triathlete. Mark owns an IT company that supports small businesses. He has not run a marathon or completed a triathlon; something to do with swimming.

No kids, but an adorable dog!

We added one member to our family in 2011, our dog Molly. She is a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with poodle.) She loves hiking and just being with us as much as possible. Our little lap dog and joy of our hearts.

We hope you enjoy reading our adventures as we travel this amazing earth together.