Mandi and I are Alaska bound this summer! We have talked about going to Alaska since we purchased our first motorhome in 2009. We started planning the trip in 2018 with plans to go in 2019. Well, 2019 is upon us and we are only a week from leaving!! I think we have things planned and have all our gear ready. Almost go time!

We created this website back in 2016 to journal our travel adventures for our friends and family. We also thought it would be cool to look back at what we did and remind us of our adventures. What we found was, we were sitting in the camper trying to edit photos and type content and not enjoying a campfire or our vacation time. We decided not use the site in 2018 as we found it much easier to place content on our Facebook page. However, Mandi really likes to journal and document our travels via this blog site so it looks like this summer we will be doing a little bit of everything. We are going to use our Facebook page on a more frequent basis and the blog site somewhat randomly. We also have a YouTube channel that we might use. If so, we will let you know via our Facebook page. Hope you have time to follow us on this adventure!

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